Airport Weather

KMEM VFR 050@11 30.03
KJAN VFR 080@4 29.97
KBNA VFR 050@9 30.11
KLIT VFR 010@8 30.11
KFSM VFR 110@5 30.09
KXNA IFR 350@5 30.08
KHSV VFR 020@8 30.04



Top Controllers

This Week

Name Hours
Chase Prickett11.27
michael LaRosh7.60
Scott Cash4.44
David Yoder4.30
Thomas Adams2.28

This Month

Name Hours
Chase Prickett103.57
David Yoder83.17
Colton Albonetti60.10
Thomas Adams55.43
Corey Burt52.36

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