Airport Weather

KJWN VFR Calm 30.04
KCBM VFR Calm 30.08
KMEM VFR 190@3 30.04
KJAN VFR Calm 30.11
KLIT VFR Calm 30.05
KBNA VFR 180@4 30.07
KFSM VFR Calm 30.02
KXNA VFR 210@4 30.02
KHSV VFR 100@3 30.09



Top Controllers

This Week

Name Hours
Clemens Martin14.00
John Camacho10.43
Chase Prickett10.18
David Yoder9.12
Richard Sill8.29

This Month

Name Hours
John Camacho10.43
David Yoder8.18
Chase Prickett6.54
Jackson Burow6.17
Nace Tinsley6.14

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