Airport Weather

KXNA IFR 070@5 30.07
KCBM VFR 080@4 30.01
KMEM VFR Calm 30.04
KJAN VFR 270@7 30.00
KBNA VFR Calm 30.05
KFSM IFR 070@6 30.02
KHSV VFR 260@5 30.05
KLIT IFR 170@4 30.04
KJWN VFR Calm 30.03



Top Controllers

This Week

Name Hours
Joey George7.39
Cardin Pelletier6.55
David Yoder6.52
SoonHo Kwon5.33
Tom McLoud5.18

This Month

Name Hours
SoonHo Kwon79.55
Joey George59.36
Joseph Penn33.34
Tom McLoud30.26
David Yoder28.28

Visitor Request

The Memphis ARTCC no longer supports EuroScope. Controllers will not receive training in EuroScope.
Euroscope is not permitted to be used to control at any ZME facility.
We do support VRC, vSTARS and vERAM controller clients.

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